ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keyhole To Success

March 14th, 2016 at 2:10am

When I go shopping, I find myself more and more conscious of finding pieces that are interesting and I focus less on color.  While I love all kinds of colors and patterns, I think having pieces that speak for themselves structurally are a MAJOR key. This radiant Fashionista is sporting this key, figuratively and literally, flawlessly. This look is both preppy and edgy; mixing styles and having fun with style is what fashion is all about. The Fashionista I found clearly plays with this idea and finds great success.

This Fashionista keeps her accessories classic and balanced.  The key-shaped bangle she is wearing is so interesting while still very subtle.  Her other bracelets and rings are dainty and classic.  Onto the big stuff, I find myself in awe of her oxford-sweater hybrid top.  It is nicely tailored and fits around her shoulders with precision.  It’s an eye-catching piece and every time I looked at one detail, there was still another one!  My most favorite part of the combo top though was the keyhole in the back. This small addition adds a touch of femininity and preppy. The earth tones she rocks really twist her otherwise preppy ensemble into a more edgy look. I’m a sucker for a great pair of jeans, especially a great pair of distressed jeans. The Fashionista cuffed her black jeans leaving the frays exposed and almost recreating what the jeans look like entirely, and I LOVE it.

Finishing up with a trusty pair of ankle boots, she struts smart with this comfortable choice.  Walking to class in a pair of wedges is daring, particularly here at WKU where everything is on a hill!  Many Fashionista/os choose to follow this trend here and they are wise in doing so.  Shoes can also serve as a statement piece.  Do not be afraid to get some kicks with some killer character!

How To: The biggest key to rocking a look like this is to keep comfort and clean lines in mind.  Layer a collared shirt under a sweater that fits in all the right places.  Grab a pair of your favorite boyfriend jeans and hit the road!