ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keeping It Cul-ottes

Oh my goodness, winter break is right around the corner! New York City looks gorgeous with all of its festive decorations and Christmas cheer. You can actually feel the holiday spirit when you’re walking down the street. It’s the time of year when I wish I was bundled up in a huge scarf sipping a hot chai latte and people-watching in Central Park. Unfortunately that doesn’t usually happen; I’m normally running to school or work trying not to freeze my fingers off while clenching a large iced coffee in my right hand. Yes I know, it’s December and I live on the East Coast, but it’s the only thing that keeps me awake!

I am honestly in love with this Fashionista’s outfit. The way she paired her striped peplum crop top with her navy blue culottes makes me want to throw out all my skinny jeans and wear culottes for the rest of my life. Her look is so effortless: so simple yet so sophisticated. Can it get any classier than this? In most cases, a loose top shouldn’t be paired with loose bottoms because it tends to hide the figure. However, this Fashionista broke the general rule and couldn’t have looked more fabulous while doing so. Since this peplum top is cropped and culottes have a high, fitted waist, this Fashionista appears taller while still showing off her figure.

Pointed-toe heeled ankle boots are exactly what this Fashionista needed to complete her look. They add sophistication to any outfit (and look amazing with culottes!). The chunky silver zippers give some edginess to the boot and her gray patterned socks peeking out create a more casual feel. I like the way she mixed silver and gold—her watch really pops against the dark colors in her outfit!

How To: Nervous about rocking this trendy pant? Don’t be! Maybe try making your look more casual. Play it cool in some culottes paired with a cropped baseball T-shirt and slip-on sneakers.