ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keep Florida Weird

With fashion and style being such an expressive art form sometimes it’s beneficial to take a look at those who aren’t actually dressing for fashion, but solely for expression. Being trendy and fashionable is this year’s biggest fad, but for those like this Fashionisto, looking good is just a matter of feeling good.

Underdressed in a pastel plaid button-down draped over a classic Florida tank top, this Fashionisto knows no style bounds. With plaid constantly trending throughout the seasons it’s no wonder how he ended up with this classic piece in his closet. What is not so classic is the leather visor rocked so effortlessly with the light colored tops. When you first take a look at the Fashionisto it takes a while to understand how this hat works so well with the rest of his gear. Cheetah print sneakers were incorporated to finish this outfit and make a weird combination of colors even more avant-garde with a clash of prints.

How To: If you’ve always been afraid of mismatching, this look should give you some inspiration to think outside of the box. There are others ways to match pieces in a look besides colors. Instead of thinking “black goes with black and red goes with red” and etc. Think hues with hues and whatever feels right. Color-blocking is always fun and a unconventional look will have you standing out in the best way. The easiest way to go against the grain when it comes to styling your looks is with layers. Trying layering on different colors and patterns that you never thought to put together and you’ll be surprised with what you can come up with!