As a university student, I am constantly on my laptop researching, writing essays or taking a break reading some of my favorite blogs online. Since I’m always traveling between school and home, it is essential that I have a laptop sleeve to keep my laptop safe from falls and our unpredictable weather. As a Fashionista, I want my laptop sleeve to reflect my personality and individuality. There are so many options to choose from: the classic case, a minimalist case or a edgy, funky case each reflecting your different style and mood. It’s a fun accessory and one is never enough! By purchasing a couple, you can always ensure that it fits your mood and style for the day.

This Fashionista chose to go for a simple, felt gray case that coordinates perfectly with her outfit. This Fashionista told me she loved this case, because of the separate pockets for her phone and notebook on the back. On days that she does not want to bring a purse, she has the options to store everything she needs in her laptop case. An added plus so she does not have to lug around a heavy bag all day!

To complete her look she choose a neutral, yet chic outfit. We might think the choice a tad boring as it lacks color, but this Fashionista rocks it! Her outfit is stylish and great for a day of classes. A textured gray sweater paired with a pair of sleek black culottes, a quilted purse and white leather shoes really make this outfit pop, with the different fabrics and textures.

Laptop cases, chic book bags or whatever it may be, every Fashionista needs a stellar accessory that can keep up with her busy lifestyle!

How To: A great alternative to the standard laptop sleeve is a laptop case that doubles as a purse or messenger bag. This is perfect for storing books and paper, while also allowing you to keep your purse free to hold your essentials.