Music: for some people it may be just a form of entertainment and for others, a lifestyle. In the fashion industry, it can also be an accessory. Whether on your ears or worn like a piece of jewelry around your neck, a pair of headphones are a wonderful addition to any look.

This Fashionisto works the musical trend with a pair of black Beats. The dark-colored headphones add a subtle yet sleek vibe to the outfit and really stand out next to his colorful graphic Hey Arnold T-shirt. This accessory can also be worn in a more vibrant color, such as red against a muted, solid-colored outfit. In the same way you listen to your preferred style of music, the beautiful concept of this trend is that a person can customize it to fit perfectly with their own style. Whether you are a boy or girl, edgy or preppy, the brand of headphones and color you choose make the fashion statement your statement piece.

How To: Just got a pair of Beats or Frends headphones for Christmas and have no idea how to style them? No worries! When you’re done listening to your tunes, wear your headphones around your neck instead of jewelry. If your headphones are embellished or a more vibrant color, wear them with a plain black or white crewneck T-shirt and some cuffed, dark wash jeans. Complete the look with Converse—bonus points if you can match your shoes with your headphones! Don’t be afraid to wear your headphones on a daily basis. The accessory can be very eclectic and very handy when you want to have a jam session in your head.