ALL IN THE DETAILS: Jump(er) on It!

Do you ever find yourself fawning over the pop of color in your outfit? Or the way your shoes sparkle to meet the twinkle in your eye? Sometimes, it is truly all in the details, much like this calm, cool and collected Fashionista’s outfit exemplifies.

The first thing I noticed about this Fashionista was not her denim tote or her RAD leather jacket, but her button-down jumpsuit. Although this jumper may seem understated, many of us shy away from the idea of jumpsuits, much like people do with trends like overalls and platform sneakers. But when done right, this fashion trend can be used to your advantage! Here, you see this Fashionista layering with accessories, adding pops of detail to her already minimalist outfit. This light wash denim jumper is the starting base for this gal’s whole entire outfit. When you have such a distinct starting base, the rest is simply all in the details. By stepping out in a jumper, this Fashionista has an array of endless options to add to the look to make it stand out and get noticed just like it did for me! She has made a smart and sophisticated choice pairing the light gray denim jumper with a sleek leather jacket to add that element of part-time punk we all aim for every now and then. If that’s not enough, this Fashionista added another component of denim to her outfit with that tote! Oy vey!

This minimalist decided to accessorize strategically with a string of tiny necklaces that are perfectly intertwined to add that loosey goosey feel to the outfit. As we can see, this Fashionista is a pretty fly chick and her sneakers do a lot of the talking. Instead of opting for the instinctive sandal or heeled shoe that will ultimately leave you limping within hours, she decided to keep it simple with black Converse. Tell me you can’t go wrong with a pair of worn and full of character Converse!

How To: A jumpsuit may seem like a fashion risk, but think of it as a complete and utter fashion do; an element of your outfit that stands out and serves as a base for adding layers and accessories to create the perfect look.