ALL IN THE DETAILS: Joggers Are The New Sweatpants

October is just beginning, and that means fall fashion is in full swing. It is time to break out the sweaters, boots and jackets. As the weather gets colder, we want to wear our sweatshirts and sweatpants and forget about style. But this Fashionisto perfectly shows how to keep warm and show his style.

I saw this Fashionisto walking through campus on a chilly October day. His outfit gave me all the fall vibes that I needed. The first thing that caught my eye were his pants. His jogger sweatpants are the perfect pants to wear during these chilly October days. Joggers are a great alternative to a regular pair of sweatpants. They are still warm and comfortable, but have a hint of fashion in them.

This Fashionisto combined his joggers with a graphic white T-shirt. As it got colder in the day, he threw on a black sweatshirt. His outfit was perfect because it is classic and comfortable. The best thing about joggers is that they really show off your shoes. Because of the elastic around the ankle, it brings your eyes down to the person’s shoes. This Fashionisto took advantage of this by finishing his outfit off with a great pair of high-top black Vans.

How To: Any Fashionisto/a can be part of this progressing trend. Buy yourself a great pair of joggers and match it with a pair of sneakers and a sweater. Now you’re set for a #RAD fall.