April 16th, 2015 at 2:10am

When it comes to planning out your outfit, never underestimate the power of accessories. Quirky glasses and a couple of rings can turn your ensemble from regular to stylish. This Fashionista’s look is not just about her dress; it’s about her jewelry, piercings, makeup and hair. She started her outfit with this short navy dress. The fun print and flared out sleeves of this dress create a boho feel. This Fashionista is ready for Coachella or any other music festival.

Getting the right pair of glasses can be very crucial. Think about it; if you are anything like me, you probably wear your glasses almost every day. A stylish pair can make any look fashion-forward. This Fashionista’s animal print glasses are so chic and trendy. By throwing on your go-to jeans with a white V-neck and adding these glasses, you can create such an effortless and glamorous outfit.

This Fashionista’s face piercings are taking this ensemble to another level. Combined with those trendy glasses, they look so cool, and I desperately wish I could pull something like this off. Many rings with turquoise stones match the dress and add some fun details to this outfit. Baby blue nail polish goes perfectly with both the dress and jewelry. Blue teardrop earrings are dainty, beautiful and complement her piercings and glasses. Her dark brown sandals compete this boho-grunge look.

How To: Start with a fun printed dress. Next, go nuts with jewelry, such as earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and glasses. It’s hard to overdo it, so just experiment. Finish the look with some gladiator sandals and a nice manicure.