“Blue jeans were actually an accidental discovery in the 18th century, when people in Nimes, France attempted to replicate a sturdy Italian fabric called serge. What they created was ‘serge de Nime’ or, as it’s been shortened to, ‘denim'” (Wright). Levi Strauss, an Immigrant then brought over denim to America in the 1800s. I think that is the best accident that ever happened because today, jeans are a main staple. In other words, the best thing to ever be accidentally invented. From jean jackets to jean patches to now jean dresses, the evolution of the jean is progressing. With the weather being so hot around this time, the best bet is to incorporate jean into a dress. It gives you room to breathe, it’s comfortable and hey, you look pretty cute.

When you think of jeans, you think to yourself “okay, well this will match anything.” We always decide to throw together a pair of jeans with anything and everything, right? But have you thought that a pair of jeans could instead look just as good as a jean dress? My Fashionista perfectly proved that you could rock any jean style. She casually paired a jean dress with a white pair of converse. This Fashionista was a little bold, because she paired the jeans with a bright red pop of color on her lips.

The Fashionista wore a jean dress, purchased from Forever 21, along with a simple white T-shirt, and the old fashioned Converse. They say that “simplicity is key,” and the Fashionista surely went along with that phrase. I absolutely love how the jean dress could either be worn casually around town, or even to a luncheon. The dress is surely a standout component of her outfit, because surprisingly jeans have been in style since miners first wore them. The dress can be worn with or without a T-shirt, and the cut of the dress shows it to be girly yet casual.

How To: If all you have are jeans and a jean jacket, you need to go out and buy yourself a jean dress! It states casual and classic! Pair a jean dress with a statement necklace to add a pop, and “baby, you’re so classic.”