ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's The Small Things

Remember the wonderful days of fall? Being able to stroll outside without a coat may seem like a dream in the middle of this harsh winter but it was once a reality. Now, most of us must hide ourselves under big burly coats that keep the frost out and our outfits under wraps. While a coat may keep your outfit from being seen, a Fashionista just has to work with what’s left: accessories! With most of your outfit hidden the emphasis is going to be on the few pieces of jewelry you have on.

This Fashionista is definitely trying for a bold gold trend as far as her jewelry is concerned. When the coat is zipped, focus will be placed on her necklace, rings and watch. With her accessories all in the same metal family, they’re cohesive even though they might not be the same style. Her rings give off a bohemian vibe with the feather shape and crisscross pattern. The monogram necklace is adorable and can be paired with many different outfits. But for me the watch steals the show. As a classic piece of jewelry, every girl should own a watch, and in the age where cell phones rule nothing sets you apart more than a watch on your wrist.

How To: Next time winter rears its ugly head, pull out the coat and some accessories. Keep your jewelry within the same metal family and only pick a few key pieces so it comes off as classic and simple. Also, be sure to mix styles for a unique look. Not only will you look great walking to class but once the coat comes off you’ll appear even more put together with your outfit.