ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's Neutrally Fall!

Hello Fashionistas! Long time no see. It’s that time of year again. The sun starts coming out less. It starts to rain a bit more. The leaves start to fall. You know what that means? Fall! Fall fashion, in my opinion, is always the best and most cohesive. Fall is a time for pumpkin spice everything and long naps. Fall fashion is the most interesting, as you see the trends for fall and you get to be warm and cute. A large part of fall is wind. As the leaves begin to fall more and more, it gets windier, and if you have long hair, it blows all over the place.

This Fashionista already knows what’s up with a cute Aztec headband and a neutral black, brown and white toned bag. A great purse will carry everything you need for the day and can store your extra necessities. By having a neutral toned purse, it transitions into a fall color scheme, which is different from the bright, bold ones of summer. Fall is a time for neutrals and darker colors. It doesn’t really matter what type of purse you have as long as it fits your style and moves into fall. It can be a clutch, a messenger bag, a shoulder bag or a book bag. It doesn’t matter! These bags are something anyone can rock.

This Fashionista completes her look with a gray top, brown boots, a gray and beige cardigan and a beaded Aztec style headband.

How To: Are you afraid to rock a neutral toned purse? Don’t be! Just grab one that’s comfortable for you, whether it’s a clutch or messenger bag. Just wear it as you would a normal purse.