ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's Easy Wearing Green

During the winter in Western New York, everything turns gray. The sky, the snow and even the buildings have a gray glow to them. Even the mood among students is gray. Motivation crashes, getting out of bed becomes more difficult and blankets and Netflix beckon to us.

Wearing a bright color is the perfect antidote to the winter blahs. Color instantly brightens a day and brings it life. Green is a particularly good choice because it reminds us of fresh spring days to come. This week’s Fashionista took advantage of a beautiful color and wore it on two pieces of her outfit, doubling the chicness.

This Fashionista layered a white button-down under a deep green sweater, creating a preppy and pulled-together vibe. She chose a statement necklace with gold and silver baubles to dress up the look and add interest. To keep the attention on the color and the necklace, she wore some dark denim jeans and brown, lace-up boots. Because the wind chill was in the single digits, she chose a bright green Ralph Lauren puffer jacket. The jacket was warm without being bulky, and the vibrancy of it popped against the sea of neutrals on campus. Plus, it had an intricate emblem on the sleeve that added another preppy touch.

How To: Have you got colors on the brain? Wearing color during the winter is easy. Try a coat that isn’t a neutral. If you’re feeling especially unmotivated, try more than one piece in a rich color (make sure they don’t clash) to brighten your mood. Be sure to keep the rest of your outfit muted to create balance. A metallic necklace helps enhance a bright color without being distracting.