ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's Always Sunny in Columbia, SC

ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's Always Sunny in Columbia, SC

If you attend school somewhere down south like Columbia, South Carolina, it’s more than likely you own at least one pair of funky sunglasses. They seem like great purchases at the time, so you end up dropping 50 dollars on these bad boys. The problem then becomes: what could anyone possibly wear with these sunglasses? Then, they end up in your closet never being worn. Well, regret your purchase no more! This Fashionista is here to show us the perfect practical outfit to pair with some fresh, new, vibrant shades.

It’s all about keeping it simple when rocking bold shades. The last thing you want is the outfit to overshadow the sunglasses. This Fashionista focused all on the details in order to pull off these spunky pink shades.

This Fashionista wore an olive crop-top with a denim mini skirt, to give off a trendy chic vibe. The combination of colors between the denim, olive top, and pink shades work perfectly together in making this look truly fabulous. When it came to shoes, gladiator wedges were paired with the outfit to add a more daring detail.

This look is made to focus more on the accessories themselves than the actual clothing pieces. When it comes to styling, details are a vital component to a killer outfit. This Fashionista clearly knows fashion. With the sunglasses being the center of attention, it’s obvious what the most important piece to this look is.

The sunglasses give off a hip and confident feel to this outfit. Pretty much any retail store you find yourself in will carry some pretty cool glasses. My advice to all you Fashionistas out there is to be courageous and pick up a pair of bold sunglasses, just in time for spring break this year!