ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's All in the Heel

It’s a well known fact sandals are a staple in any summer wardrobe. A must-have is definitely a strappy shoe with a low heel—the ultimate style of versatility. It seems that every girl with a taste for quick and easy outfits owns a pair to amp up their style and add a nice touch to any casual ensemble or formal outing. These are so versatile, you’ll be able to dress a pair of them up or down for some seriously killer outfit planning.

This Fashionista seems to be on the exact same page as I am, opting for the perfect pair of heeled sandals. Nothing beats minimalism, so this Fashionista has chosen a clean, white pair of sandals. The single strap around her ankles and across her toes are chic and fresh. This trend from the ’90s definitely shows that the cutest trends always come back in style. Once considered evening shoes, these sandals are breaking outfit boundaries everywhere by adopting day looks, as well.

This Fashionista, however, opted for a fancier, nighttime look with an open back polka-dot dress. Sometimes I believe that more is more and layering on jewelry is mostly a good thing. However, this Fashionista decided not to wear any jewelry or accessories and it’s really working for me. I’m loving her simple look and it seems like what’s tying everything together and amping it up to a night out look are her heeled sandals. I’m telling you, they’re magical!

These simple no-fuss-heels add an edge to any outfit and make you look effortless and trendy. So, what are you waiting for? Get to shopping and buy a pair for yourself!

How To: Summer is the perfect time to experiment with these, so don’t be afraid to try these out with any outfit you can think of to figure out which style is best for you! These sandals are sure to pair with anything and everything.