ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's All in the Eyes

May 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am

Neutrals are a fan favorite, but this month I decided to go with something that had a little more pop. This Fashionista completed her super trendy neutral look with a bold, purple and gold smokey eye.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, because this is still a rad everyday look, so let’s start with the outfit. No edgy outfit is complete without a pair of black denim skinny jeans, preferably ones with rips in the knees, of course. The top in this look is just a simple black, thick-strap tank top. It has an open back so without the jacket this look still has edginess factor. Next, this Fashionista spiced it up with a camo jacket. Camo jackets, or rather camo prints, have been popping up everywhere since last season. It’s a great addition to any neutral outfit.

From here we move on to the accessories: the key to all great looks. This Fashionista picked a light, beige colored bag with gold hardware to accent the look. The gold in the bag also matches the gold in the variety of necklaces this Fashionista chose. The first necklace was a lace black choker, the second necklace was a classic gold name plate, and the third necklace was a long-chain statement necklace. The three necklaces paired together added a little extra to the top of the look, especially since they were placed against a black shirt. All the elements of the clothing and the jewelry tied together and it was nearly effortless for the Fashionista to create!

Now to move on to the makeup! I personally love makeup. This Fashionista created a purple smokey eye with a gold shimmer halo effect to accent the green in her jacket perfectly, not to mention the gold went with the accessories! To complete the smokey eye, this Fashionista executed the edgy, winged eyeliner and did a subtle mauve lip. Contrary to popular belief, smokey eyes are not as hard as everyone thinks; it just takes some patience!

This whole look is so simple, and this lovely Fashionista said it took her no time at all to complete! The products used are suggestions, feel free to use any makeup you prefer and any eye shadow color you want! Make this look completely yours, I’m positive you’ll look amazing!