ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's All About The Hem

There is a new trend appearing in skirts and dresses everywhere: the envelope hem! This new and wildly popular hemline is something I have been seeing all over Penn State recently. The bottom of the skirt or dress has two different sections that cross and come up into a V-shape. It adds a little something extra to your outfit!

As you can see, this is a simple ribbed black dress, but with the envelope hemline it is turned from plain and simple to chic and unique! The hem itself comes in two different forms: symmetrical and asymmetrical. The dress shown above has a symmetrical hemline, meaning that the V-shape is centered in the middle of the dress with two points of the same length on each leg. With an asymmetrical hemline, the V-shape is positioned not in the center, but off to one side. With this design, one point could be longer than the other. These two different styles of the envelope hem are both popular and cute!

Many girls like to make this trend super casual by pairing this stylish hemline with some tights, booties and a big furry coat. Although this is a great way to sport the hemline, the look can also be dressed up by ditching the tights and boots for heels and fancy jewelry. Both ways are adorable and totally wearable. The great thing is that this trend is super versatile.

The way this Fashionista decided to center this outfit around the focal point, her ribbed black dress with the envelope hemline. She decided to pair this with some amazing single strap heels that go perfectly with her dress. For jewelry she kept it pretty minimal, opting for some eye-catching black-jeweled drop earrings and a simple chevron midi ring. This stunning look is pulled off so well by this Fashionista!

How To: This trend is extremely easy to get on board with! All you have to do is head to a store that keeps up on all of the latest trends and you will be sure to find a variety of dresses and skirts that have this fabulous hemline. Pick out your favorites! Make one the focal point of your outfit! Good luck Fashionistas/os!