ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's All About the Benjamins, Baby

This Fashionisto caught my attention walking across campus in his all-black outfit. With tornado warnings and all, he didn’t let the weather hold him back from showing out.

For the top half of this look, he paired a black, ribbed sleeve jacket with a white “New Love” shirt from Zara. Instead of wearing black from head to toe, he decided to lighten up the look with a white shirt that has accents of black and red. Now for the bottom half of his look, he wore slightly distressed black jeans with a subtle black Gucci belt and Gucci rain boots to match. Oh, and there’s no way you can walk across campus without a money bag.

Puff Daddy himself claims to be “dressed in all black like the Omen,” but this Fashionisto shows us that pops of color actually give some spice to an all-black look. It also shows that, yes, name brand is cool, but the subtle, discrete pieces are even better. When you do that, you can get away with wearing multiple brands at once without the “tacky” look.

But let’s get back to these textures and subtle hints of color and details. The slight red in this Fashionisto’s shirt matches the red stripes on the sole of his Gucci rain boots and the rubber bands around his Benjamins on his backpack.

He carried an oversize black umbrella to complete his look, even though he wasn’t concerned about the rain. Capturing this bad guy look was his only concern. From the ribbed jacket going against the slight hole in the knee of his jeans to the textured belt and gold chains, his whole look screams, “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.”