As summer transitions into fall and the leaves turn to orange and yellow, we must toss our shorts and dresses to the back of the closet. Say goodbye to walking on the boardwalk in your favorite denim shorts and crop top. Sadly, the weather is much too cold for that now. Chilly, autumn winds blow upon the East Coast and here in New Jersey, people would most likely freeze and suffer from dry legs because of that ensemble. However, have no fear Fashionistas! The changing of the seasons should not have an detrimental impact on your fashion sense. Since the current temperature would not have us be frostbitten the second we step out the door, we should take advantage of the fact that we will not be weighed down by scarves and heavy winter jackets.

Black goes with everything and this outfit is no exception. This Fashionista’s pinstripe blouse pairs perfectly with her leggings and edgy, black boots. However, the accessory that pulls the whole outfit together is the black belt cinched around her waist. The color black has been proven to have a slimming effect on the body. Since the belt is placed high on her waist, it naturally shapes the Fashionista’s body to have curves in all the right places and creates the illusion of longer legs.

How To: Belts are a must have staple in anyone’s closet. Grab any dark belt and simply place it on your waist. Voila! Your legs now seem a mile long and you look slimmer. It’s a win-win either way.