ALL IN THE DETAILS: It Can't Rain On Her Parade

June 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Although it is time for the summer sun to shine, Arkansas weather has a mind of its own. Rain, while soothing to listen to, is not normally weather I get excited to dress for. Typically, I will give up on dressing cute for the day and throw on my comfy clothes. However, this Fashionista gave me a reminder that even rainy days can be enjoyable when you have the right outerwear!

It turns out rainwear can be just as chic as a kate spade winter coat or a Michael Kors watch. The key detail to this outfit, if it isn’t obvious already, is the radiant pink rain jacket. This pop of color is enough to revitalize any ordinary rainy day attire!

This jacket is so bright that she doesn’t need the sun. To complement the radiance of the color, she wore a neutral top underneath and minimal accessories. Though her leather bracelet and Kendra Scott necklace are adorable, the attention is still centered on the jacket.

There’s nothing wrong with splurging on rain attire either. Raincoats tend to get overlooked because you don’t anticipate wearing them often, but they are still an essential. You can’t walk into work soaking wet. Not only is it a bad feeling, but it also makes you look sloppy. Though some may argue that umbrellas are a cheaper alternative, I’ve found it’s much easier and more fashionable to slip on a rain jacket than to constantly keep up with an umbrella. Because this Fashionista chose a jacket with a hood attached, she can still keep her hair dry while not hiding the ensemble like she would have with an umbrella.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your raincoat! The chances are that when it’s raining and you’re stuck walking to class, you won’t want to take that coat off. So make sure your choice is a reflection of your uniqueness! Don’t let the rain dull your sparkle Fashionistas/os.

How To: Are you ready to make a statement with your rain attire? The next time you’re raincoat shopping, look past the blacks and the grays. Whether you reach for a bright color or a fun pattern, you’re sure to look fashionable even when the weather is dreary.