ALL IN THE DETAILS: Investing In Your Wardrobe

Weather plays such a pivotal role in the outfits we choose to wear on a daily basis–as it should. But what we wear should only be dictated to a point until what we want to wear steps in. By this I mean, if you want to dress weather appropriate but still remain chic, there’s ways around the system.

Vests are one example that initially come to mind. This week’s Fashionista details her warm-weather outfit, consisting of a sweater and boots, with a fur vest. Vests add not only a layer of warmth to your outfit, but help to bring a new appeal to any look altogether. Fur vests provide a taste of class while implementing fun at the same time.

Jackets can become a mundane part of any wardrobe as the cold winter weather kicks in. In my opinion, they hide the outfit underneath that you’re really trying to show off. With the addition of a vest, you can forgo your jacket choice. This allows the vest to play the part of jacket, while still showing off what’s underneath. This Fashionista chose to pair her vest with a simple white sweater, allowing the vest to remain a little more of a focal point. With a vest like this though, who wouldn’t do the same?

Taking a closer look at the vest, you can also notice the beaded detailing along the arm holes. Small details add just as much to a look as the bigger ones.

How To: Attending family gatherings or taking fall pictures with friends, but not sure what to wear? Try pairing your favorite sweater with a vest or taking it a step further, try a simple dress paired with your fur vest.