ALL IN THE DETAILS: Innovative With Navy And Gold

Alright guys and dolls, this week I’m gonna show you have to be effortlessly flashy. In the next couple of years, the more effortless your style is the more fashionable you’ll look. The bright and colorful ‘80s fashion won’t last forever and the future of fashion thrives on innovation. While everyone is still rocking snapbacks and tattoos, it’s up to you to make your look stand out. Our Fashionisto this week has achieved this by focusing more on the accessories and less on the actual clothing. He is wearing a navy blue T-shirt from Kanye West’s line along with navy blue trousers and Polo shoes. Once you get passed the basics, you got to add the pop! This Fashionisto has chosen to pair his navy blue base with gold accents through his gold chain, gold rings, gold watch and bracelet. Simple enough right?

I enjoyed interviewing him on his look because each piece of jewelry had a story behind it. His watch is by Omega and has had several alterations to fit his personal style. One of his gold rings has an emerald which represented his birth stone. However, what moved me the most was the story behind his gold bracelet with black gems. It was originally a necklace given to him as a baby. In the Hindu religion, a child is presented with a piece of jewelry that represents a god or goddess. The child’s birthdate, birthmark and hair color determines which god/goddess he or she descended from. His bracelet matches the god Ganesh. The background story of Ganesh was extremely interesting and gave me a better idea of who our Fashionisto is.

How To: You’ll be able to imitate this look by wearing one color throughout your entire look. Whether it’s all-black, all-white or all-navy, the key is to pair the outfit with jewelry that will stand out against it. Those who aren’t too big on jewelry can also achieve this with other accessories such as scarves or ties. The accents you own that have the best story can be the ones that makes your entire look one of a kind.