ALL IN THE DETAILS: Impeccably Indie-Inspired

Exploring new fashion trends, styles and themes is a perfect way to grow into a more well-rounded Fashionista. Although we all have our favorite types of looks and styles, it is always fun to branch out of our comfort zone, especially when it comes to fashion. By exploring our options, we may fall in love with new styles, accessories or trends that we never before gave a chance!

This Fashionista picks an indie-inspired theme and creates a fabulous look out of it. The base of her look stems from a basic white tank top and a flattering dark gray maxi skirt. Some indie inspiration is added to her look by a draped tie-dye vest with beautiful lace detail at the shoulders. This piece not only ties together the colors of her tank top and skirt but also adds some flare and style to her theme.

Her Indie inspiration really comes to life with her Buddha Hamsa Hand necklace. It is simple yet is effortlessly cohesive with her theme. My personal favorite detail from her look is her adorable feather flash tattoo on her upper arm. Flash tattoos are a chic way to add even more detail to any look! They are perfect for the summer and give each and every look a little more spunk! Lastly, her metallic gladiator sandals are the perfect pair for this look.

Overall this Fashionista nails her indie-inspired look by getting creative with the detail in her accessories! She loves her look and is confident in wherever her day takes her!

How To: Theme your look! Pick a specific style, get creative, add tons of accessories and you can’t go wrong. Get inspired by other styles you’ve never tried before, and you never know—you could end up loving the result. So, Fashionistas, get out there and dare to theme!