ALL IN THE DETAILS: I’m Yelling Timber!

As I have previously stated, winter is here and with no mercy. Winter brings a lot of different styles and trends, some less fortunate than others. During the winter, we tend to think that shoes must be practical and unnatractive, and our outfits sometimes emulate this train of thought. Well, good news has arrived: not all snow boots, or “practical boots,” are unattractive boots. There are still possibilities for us to be stylish, practical and, more importantly, warm. With this thought, I introduce to you to the sometimes forgotten about Timberland boots.

This Fashionista rocks the cold weather to its core with her stylish ensemble of a put together preppy look topped off with the all practical, classic Timberland boot. As seen here, Timberlands can be quite versatile. We often see this boot, and similar ones, on construction sites; here, we see the Timberland boot as part of a very put together winter-chic outfit. The Fashionista wears her all-purpose boots with a preppy sweater and collared shirt duo. Since it’s silk, her collared shirt adds flare and dresses up the overall appearance, as well as dresses up the boots. The Fashionista chose to wear a sweater that added texture to her style. This livens up her exterior and brings depth to the outfit. Adding on a black carryall bag, she is ready to go just about anywhere!

How To: Not willing to jeopardize your style for the weather? Pair your clunky winter boots with a chic and sleek outfit for the perfect balance between practical and stylish to create an edgy look. Making the upper part of the outfit preppy is a perfect way to contrast the bottom and top half.