March 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Street style has become more and more a part of the fashion world. Street style is where you can mix and match so many different elements to create a more artistically and aesthetically pleasing outfit.  

This Fashionista has done a perfect job of showing that. It all starts with her Moschino McDonalds. Something to note is that this brand is heavily loved by street style enthusiasts. This Fashionista’s shirt is a perfect example of everything street style represents. It’s funny, a little bit satirical and immediately catches your eye. Everyone knows how the McDonald’s logo looks and most people are used to thinking of Ronald McDonald when they see a bright red color. With these two elements in a shirt, a bystander would immediately feel some familiarity with the shirt, and instantly be attracted to it.

What really makes her outfit a true street style outfit is her fishnet jacket. Fishnet is a weird texture and immediately catches your attention because it’s basically a jacket with holes in it. Mixed in with her bright red Moschino T-shirt it makes for an eclectic outfit.

How ToGrab your favorite oversized graphic T-shirt and rock it like a dress! Don’t worry if your shirt is a bit crazy and even sparks a bit of controversy—the bigger the statement, the better! For jackets, it can be pretty tough finding a fishnet jacket, so try wearing any black jacket with it. Remember, what makes a fishnet jacket so cool is that it’s eye-catching, so try to find an outerwear piece that has that stunning quality!