ALL IN THE DETAILS: If You Like It, Wear It

Accessories: necklaces, bracelets, rings, shoes, earrings and much more. These little add-ons to a outfit can sometimes make an outfit. They change whether a dress can be worn to a fancy restaurant with your whole family or even just a casual look to class in. When it comes to accessories, this Fashionista did it her way as she wore her favorite pieces all together.

She started with a simple gray dress. This base allowed her to add a lot of color, accessories or whatever she wanted. This Fashionista loves rings and piled on many different kinds of them. She added a red-purple wraparound bracelet with little white beads and on the other wrist, she styles a set of bangles. These bangles are gold with colorful red, blue, green and orange beads. Her nails are painted black to bring a little edge to the ensemble. The Fashionista wears a turquoise stone around her neck and the necklace falls nicely right at the top dress. The turquoise stone also matches the color worn in one of the rings she has on her right hand and she wears simple tribal studs to top it off. The shoes, which is my favorite part, are some very cute Free People gray-black sandals.

All of these elements brought together provide an outfit original to this Fashionista’s personal style and look. By wearing them at once, she is able to show off all her favorites at one time and feel comfortable in her own skin.

How To: Have a ton of accessories and never know when to wear them? Just throw them on with any simple outfit to add a little something.