ALL IN THE DETAILS: I Love My Boyfriend (Jeans)

I think it is time to share my love story. My love story with my boyfriend jeans. After I received my first pair of distressed Levi Brand Jeans, it was love at first sight. They were comfortable, reliable and cute—dare I say everything a boyfriend should be. My boyfriend jeans came with me everywhere and people started saying they never saw me without them (embarrassing but true)! All I could think was “they don’t understand” and “they’re just jealous.” After a while of convincing, I think my friends could understand I could not go too long without my jeans. Needless to say, I think you should do yourself a favor. You don’t need a boyfriend, you need boyfriend jeans. The jeans are better than the real thing.

This Fashionista rocks her boyfriend jeans in a very relaxed way. Her cute sweater with lace details adds a more feminine touch to the look. Her halter bralette underneath shows a little skin, but not too much because she is covered up everywhere else. Since her distressed jeans are so casual, her structured bucket bag adds something more sophisticated to the look. Lastly, I love her little Western-inspired booties. Her shoes are unexpected, but definitely work with her look.

How To: You want to rock the boyfriend jeans? First, find a pair that you love and fit great. It might not be that easy to find, but don’t give up because the last step is very easy. Lastly, wear them with everything. Dress them up and dress them down because I think they can honestly be worn anywhere.