Mom jeans are making a comeback. Stores such as American Apparel and Topshop are marketing their own forms of the popular ’90s fashion, and customers everywhere are snatching up their own pair. Mom jeans really are the perfect jeans; they’re high-waisted (which is super trendy), comfortable and can be reasonably priced. Just search through the racks at your local thrift shop to find an inexpensive pair of your own. Mom jeans are also pretty versatile, meaning preppier dressers and boho dressers alike can rock the trend.

This Fashionista was leaning more towards a boho theme, with both her flowing white camisole and her thin sweater. Her adorable brown booties were also a thrift shop find, as I was informed, meaning a trip to the thrift shop could end with other unique finds and not just mom jeans. This Fashionista accessorized her look with some heavy silver jewelry, adding a bit of edge to the generally delicate look.

The mom jeans are at the center of this look, providing a bit of structure as well as a pop of color. Cuffing the jeans at the bottom, just as this Fashionista did, makes the fit more flattering, and gives them a boyfriend jean look as well. These loose-fitting jeans are great for days when you’re looking for a way to stay fairly warm, but the sun’s still out and shining.

How To: You can rock your mom jeans throughout the entire year. In the winter, opt for sweaters and booties for a cozy but casual look. You could sneak some thermal leggings underneath for added warmth. For the summer, pair the jeans with a crop top or tank top and add either low-top sneakers or strappy sandals.