ALL IN THE DETAILS: I Got A Blank Space, Baby

April 6th, 2016 at 2:10am

Throughout high school and even early into college, I found myself sporting loud prints, bright colors and extravagant fits. As time passed and styles changed—I know I’m making myself sound like I’m in a nursing home, but really things have changed—understated has become more on-trend. Simple T-shirts, skinny jeans and trendy sneaks are all the rage, while the florals and polka-dots are in the back of the closet for more specific occasions. When it comes to everyday wear, the more understated, the more trendy and little pops can be made with accessories.

This Fashionista’s simple yet on-trend look is made perfect through her stylish additions. Her round-framed sunglasses compliment the muted color scheme while her adidas sneakers add a pop of white and some touches of green. She added in a deep, rose-hued lip to brighten things up a bit and stray from the dark color palette. Sticking with an understated look, like the pictured Fashionista, allows you to add on an out-there accessory or a new beauty trend, making that to be the “main event” of the look, without it being too much. Take advantage of a gray-based color scheme to try something new and risky!

While the weather is getting warmer, it’s never too late to invest in a light-weight leather jacket to sport around well into spring! The Fashionista’s choice adds a layer into her outfit, bringing in a little more dimension and texture to a muted canvas. Her classic look is essential for any college student wanting to achieve a stylish, yet effortless everyday look.

Use a blank canvas of jeans and a T-shirt to try something new for spring, like a funky pair of shades or a bright lip!

How To: A great T-shirt is crucial in everyday chic-wear. Brandy Melville has a wide variety of soft and cute options! A pair of staple skinny jeans are also a must for your understated wardrobe. If you’re going to splurge, do it on a good pair of jeans! rag & bone and AG are two amazing brands to invest in. Finally, you can’t go wrong (or be more comfortable) with a pair of white sneakers to finish off your classic look. Obviously, the super trendy adidas Stan Smith‘s are what everyone is going with these days, but you can change it up with a leather embossed pair! To finish off your ensemble, find a trend you always wanted to try and go for it, like a hot pink lip or an embellished bag.