Alright, so I’m sure we all know the infamous Stacy London from What Not To Wear, right? Well, if not and you have the slightest interest in fashion, get to binge watching. You will love it and her. But if there is one thing she has drilled into my brain, it is that an hour glass shape is what every girl should strive for. Showing that figure off makes everyone look great.

The hour glass shape can be achieved in many way, but this week’s Fashionista accomplished it using one of Stacy’s easiest approaches. She added a simple belt right at her waist to synch the dress in. The striped tank top dress is quite casual, so she added a cute black braided belt to draw attention to her waist and her figure. Her body looks great because she has succeed in flaunting all the right curves. To add to the dress, she dressed it up a bit with some buckled wedges. While these wedges do make it appear more posh, she still looks casual because wedges are often a casual statement. They are like the lazy heel, which I love. She also added funky spike earrings to just show off her spunk, which I thought was rad. And to make things even more rad, her watch matches perfectly with the earrings. I love when a Fashionista adds in little things to really represent themselves. So my advice is to rock the body you were blessed with and make it scream who you are!

How To: Achieving this look is so simple, especially since T-shirt dresses are all the rage. Just throw one of them on, and take a simple belt and wrap it around your waist. As soon as you do that, you will have those womanly curves we all love so much. If you are a wedges girl, then add your favorite pair. If you aren’t, then just add your favorite flats. Either way, you are sure to wow the crowd.