High-waisted bottoms have been popular lately; therefore, when wearing them, it can be very hard to stand out from the crowd. If you want to turn heads, this summer exchange your boring denim for funky patterned shorts instead. A perfectly tailored pair of high-waisted shorts can be worn to just about any of your summer events, as long as you pair them with the right top. Going to a graduation? Put on a blazer and a blouse. Going on a night out? Opt for a flirty crop top and add a light cardigan if there is a nighttime chill. The rest of your outfit should either contrast the shorts’ pattern (tastefully) or complement them.

For a day of chilling on the quad, our Fashionista gave us the perfect playful look. Her shorts caught my eye across the quad, as they were like no others I had seen before. She spilled the beans and told me she had them custom made at a local consignment shop called Modern Pop Culture. Sorry, folks. But, not to fear, you can replicate her look with a trip to your local mall! To add distinction to her outfit, she threw on some super cool sunglasses and that hair—she was already winning from the start! Since she kept her top and sneakers minimalistic to contrast her funky shorts, her outfit was not too over the top for a chill session.

How To: Your bottoms should be the statement of the look, so keep it basic on top like the Fashionista did with a solid T-shirt. Be bold with your accessories, so long as they complement your shorts.