ALL IN THE DETAILS: Horizontal Hippie Headbands

With fall in full swing and neck lines becoming higher and higher, it becomes harder to accessorize with necklaces, but you still want a little something to add to pull your outfit together. Horizontal hippie headbands are the solution to that problem. This ’60s-inspired accessory can complete any boho look. There are many different styles of hippie headbands to fit any occasion: thick bands, thin bands, beaded, chained, jeweled, braided and tied.

When accessorizing with a hippie headband it is wise to stay away from chucky necklaces because it can cause your look to appear cluttered. Chunky necklaces and horizontal headbands are both statement pieces so you can really only pick one. If the hippie headband is not enough detail for you, you can further accessorize with bracelets and rings; since they are closer to your wrists, rather than our upper torso, they won’t distract from the headband. This Fashionista glammed up a simple tank and a jean short outfit with a rose gold chain hippie headband, gold and silver bracelets and silver rings. All of her accessories work together in harmony, so no accessory is overpowering another.

How To: Want to rock a hippie band but don’t want to have a bump in your hair where the band lies? The solution to this problem is simple. Separate your hair into two layers at the crown of your head; make sure you hold the top layer to thread it through the band before securing it on your head. After the band is on your head, let the top layer of your hair loose over the back and side of the band. This creates a fun and flirty look without the bump that you can wear for any occasion!