ALL IN THE DETAILS: Home For The Holidays

To be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure when the burgundy/plum shade obsession became a trend. That being said, I am 100 percent not complaining and now nearly every day I am decked out in plums (or at least an accent piece)! I typically wear mostly neutral tones, grays and very little with a pop of color, unless I am purposefully trying to make a statement. However, this season I cannot get enough of the color and began looking for new ways to shake up my look.

This Fashionista uses complimentary colors (burgundy, grey and emerald because what else) in addition to accenting the tones with a fun colored stocking. There are only a small handful of garments and accessories that scream “Home for the holidays but I’m still fashion-forward” more than colored and/or patterns tights or knee high socks! Knee-highs and tights are the perfect staple to polish off any outfit, whether your dressing up for Thanksgiving with the family, or your standard lounge day with your gal pals.

She pairs a patterned gray dress to compliment her bold, red tights and allow for the look to be both bold and beautiful, without being too busy. A simple suede/leather jacket and boots are my most highly recommended wardrobe investment staple; there is truly nothing as versatile as a leather jacket and a good pair of boots. Her outfit paired with a simple necklace is subtle and sophisticated, while still holding true this Fashionista’s edgy and unique persona.

How To: Trapeze dresses and long layers work wonders for the holiday season! It is particularly useful for giving the appearance of a polished, put together look while still keeping your turkey food baby a secret.