ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hold onto your Hat, Folks!

During summer there are all types of fun festivals to go to: music festivals, art festivals, the list goes on. One of the greatest things about these events is it gives you a chance to try out a new style, or be more bold in your look. A classic and timeless summer festival piece is the brimmed hat. This accessory screams summertime, and it shields your face from all those harmful UV rays. Double bonus! A brimmed hat can take a look from casual to fun, flirty and concert ready!

This Fashionista is killing this stylish look. Not only is this hat super cute, but it can also be paired up with almost any outfit! Another great option besides a straw hat is a felt hat. Black felt hats are super on trend right now and can bring a boho influence to a look. However, this Fashionista is rocking a much more preppy and beach inspired outfit. The best part about the hat trend is that hats can be worn year-round. Whether you’re rocking a beanie in the winter or a pork pie hat in the fall, hats can take your look to a whole new level. Hats are also so practical! They offer great protection on sunny days, and you can easily hide a bad hair day. Although, if it’s windy out you might want to skip the brimmed hat!

This Fashionista ties her look together with a striped J.Crew T-shirt, navy shorts, chic sandals and a gorgeous, olive Longchamp. Paired with soft waves, her hat gives her a confident, fun and flirty look!

How To: To pull of this look effortlessly, pair a straw hat or a floppy hat with a quirky dress. If you want more of a casual vibe, rock a felt hat with a graphic T-shirt and high-waisted shorts!