The original hippie culture and style of the ’60s can still be found if you look hard enough! Even in the most chic looking outfits, remnants of the subculture can be found and accessorized on many occasions.

From top to bottom, this Fashionista is wearing a floppy hat, a fringed tank top from American Eagle Outfitters, black high-waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters, shades from Bosky and accessories from local flee markets. And last but not least, this Fashionista is wearing one of my favorite Pacific Northwest shoe trends, Birkenstocks. These shoes are a great way to add your inner free spirit into any outfit, as I often do. They are also super comfortable and come in a bunch of styles and colors.

This Fashionista’s accessories are also an essential part to this outfit.  She combines silver and teal in all her jewels (necklaces and rings) to tie the whole outfit together. And we can’t forget about the floppy hat! I love floppy hats because they have a somewhat magical power of making any plain outfit look instantly stylish and they are also a great way to hide from the summer sun.

I love how this Fashionista looks so put together with the comfiest clothing and the simplest accessories. This summer look is achievable by anyone, even the laziest Fashionistas! The hippies clearly never went out of style, so flaunt what you’ve got.

How To: Now is the perfect time to go thrift shopping for summer accessories! Check your local thrift store for vintage jewelry, hats and all kinds of fun outfit changers. Find a simple outfit in your closet and don’t be afraid to add some new hippie accessories.