ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hey, Dr. Martens!

I quickly had to get a shot of this Fashionista’s outfit when I spotted her across the lawn. From the oversized vintage patterned sweater to the boots with the tights underneath the denim shorts, everything about her look just says trendy all over.

While winter is in session, why not make the best of the nice sunny days and dress up? This Fashionista did not let the chilly temperature stop her and instead found a way to look super trendy while dressing for the weather. I love the way she was able to wear shorts, especially while the temperatures are dropping, by just simply adding tights underneath. See, there is a way to look stylish without having to wear sweats and a hooded sweatshirt.

I love how the overall look gives off a vintage or artsy vibe. It’s so simple while she incorporates so many popular trends such as oversized sweaters, tights underneath denim shorts and Dr. Martens. Along with the trends, the outfit is also very versatile with the ability to create different looks from the vintage style to a more preppy look with just one easy change in the sweater.

How To: This outfit is a must-have and half of the outfit is probably already in your closet. Everything this Fashionista is wearing is so simple; it’s just the way she combined the different articles of clothing that makes the look so fashionable. The denim shorts can easily be bought at Forever 21, H&M or even at a thrift store. The tights can be bought at the same stores or they could probably be found somewhere in your closet along with the patterned sweater. Then last but not least, the boots can be bought at a Dr. Martens store.