Powerful, confident and individual are just three adjectives to describe Adele, the soulful singer sweeping the music charts with her latest single “Hello.” As she single-handedly tugged the heartstrings of millions across the globe, individuals everywhere paused in reflection, before channeling this new sense of empowerment into their day…and outfits.

Fashion is a perfect outlet for self-expression. It has the power to showcase your feelings as well as inspire them. Ever longing to stand out from the crowd? Be you. Embracing your most authentic self is always enough. This is exactly what this Fashionista did to catch my eye.

Dressed in darker neutrals, her shoes stood out immediately. The floral Nike style is truly one of a kind and gives the outfit an “athleisure” flare. Yes, please! It was clear that the fun print matched her personality perfectly. Her maroon shirt paired with an olive green vest are two more things to love. These colors are great when you’re anxious to stray from the typical black and white combos. To complete the look, this Fashionista added accessories that are tastefully understated. Each adds a personal touch that doesn’t take away from the overall outfit.

It’s no secret, that the both of us are running out of time“…which is why I’ve gathered some awesome pieces to inspire your next #ootd!

How To: If you’re excited to truly embrace your own style, simply think of what makes you happy. Maybe a cute hat is an easy go-to, or a fun pair of shoes. Once you’ve determined the focal point of your outfit, organize the rest to match!