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September 21st, 2016 at 2:07am

I am nearly certain that everyone is familiar with the old adage, “It’s the little things that count.” While the saying is typically used as an inspirational motto by people who are trying to live a more meaningful life, I truly believe it can be applied in the context of fashion too. I personally have never been one to shy away from accessories when getting dressed for any occasion. It could be the simple difference of adding just a few delicate rings or a statement necklace to take an outfit from a total zero to a 100!

Whenever an outfit lacks pattern or a variety of color, creative intervention must be made or else it can easily become boring. Judging from the way she styled her ensemble, this Fashionista is clearly aware of the saving power of accessories. Her chic, pink denim jacket and trendy black, lace-up dress were certainly elevated by her eye-catching jewelry! Drawing attention to a glossy burgundy manicure, she deliberately made a bold choice by rocking gold cage rings on both hands along with a mixed metal cuff on her left wrist. However, what I think made the greatest impression with her look was the edgy set of gold statement earrings. The combination of multiple pieces of jewelry together would overwhelm most outfits, but in this case it is undoubtedly what makes this Fashionista’s look a striking one.

Next time you’re second guessing your outfit, pause and take a look at how you’re accessorizing. Actually, scratch that. Don’t even think twice and just go for it.