With the chillier temperatures comes the chance to wear cozy sweaters, knee-high boots and deep red lipstick without the fear of sweating it off like in the scorching summertime. Layering soft knits, blanket scarves and jackets becomes a daily task. Adding bold statement pieces, whether it be a vibrant coat, metallic bootie or show-stopping, patterned skirt, comes with all of the added layers. Besides making a statement with my clothing, I like to pick out a jewelry item, whether it be chandelier earrings or a large necklace, to be the focal point of my cold weather look. This Fashionista did just that.

This Fashionista’s necklace is perfectly on-trend and sure to make passerby’s on the street take a second look at her outfit. Her eye-catching silver necklace features a variety of chainlink pieces and different sized circular details. It adds texture and edge to her otherwise girly, free-spirited ensemble.

What I love about statement necklaces is that they now come in an endless array of varieties from countless designers and retailers. With the mass of options, there is sure to be one that fits right in with your aesthetic. While the typical necklace that comes to mind when you think “statement” is a jeweled to perfection accessory, eye-catching necklaces are now adorned with just about everything. For the boho Fashionista, there are varieties featuring fringe and the classic, prepster can find love in a necklace with an array of pearls. From florals to color filled, there is something for just about everyone! If bejeweled necklaces are still your thing, give the look an update by slipping on one the features crocheting and jewels that are set onto leather.

Give heavy metals, or whatever other statement accessories strike your fancy, a shot in your wardrobe this fall! You simply cannot go wrong.

How To: Have you always been fearful of rocking such a bold, statement-making necklace? Try out this style necklace by first pairing it with a more neutral outfit, just like this Fashionista did. You can just let the necklace do all of the talking!