ALL IN THE DETAILS: Heads Up for Hats

Fashionista/os, we all have those days where no matter how many times we try to untangle those locks they’re just never going to lay in the right way. That’s when certain accessories come in handy, specifically hats. Recently, a new wave of fashion has come into play, and that is the floppy hat. These accessories instantly spice up a casual outfit. Do you need a little something to really pull together an outfit? A hat is easy (and helps cover up your bed head) on the days you need a fast fix for a dull outfit.

This Fashionista wears a simple, light button-up (on a surprisingly warm day) combined with tall riding boots, but her wide-brimmed, dark hat gives the outfit a chic, fierce look. She is ready to face the day while being comfortable but also fashion forward. The good thing about these accessories is the unlimited options. If you have a darker outfit, lighten up the mood with a cream colored fedora (or draw the attention upward with a chain link fedora) to add some “oomf” to your look! See how many heads turn while you are casual and comfy just by putting a show-stopping hat on.

How to: Keep your outfit simple for a casual day around the town, but simply add a sun hat to add some flare and block the rays on uncharacteristic sunny, winter days. Add pops of color with your hat, and don’t be afraid to experiment with styles, whether it be fedora, wide-brimmed, or beanie.