As the summer heats up, it can become increasingly difficult to find cool clothing and accessories. Although it can be difficult, it’s not impossible. Most experts warn against wearing layers in the summer, but I have found a couple of ways to break those rules without breaking a sweat.

If you feel like covering up but don’t feel like suffocating all day, try a vest made of a light fabric like chiffon or knit. Adding this type of vest brings the pairing of shorts and a tank top from blah to bold. The vest’s fringe detail is perfect for dressing up a plain white T-shirt.

This Fashionista knew exactly how to turn up the heat on her outfit while making sure to keep it cool with her accessories. She paired a white short sleeve T-shirt and an open knit fringe vest. Any floppy hat will immediately up your style game and keep you safe from those harsh UV rays which makes for a great summer investment. She finished off the look with a simple pair of nude sandals. Then, this Fashionista wore three dainty oval fashion rings with colored gems. Oval fashion rings come in all different styles ranging from fun and trendy to classy and elegant. For an effortless summer look, opt for bold colors like turquoise or lavender.

How To: If you choose to wear a more simple outfit, go all out with some fun and bold accessories! Always remember that your unique style can be altered in small ways to fit the season. You don’t have to wear something that you think is boring in exchange for functionality.