When rocking a hat in winter time in the city, everyone is assuming you’ll be pulling out the old beanie from the bottom of your closet to cover your ears from the Windy City. But our more adventurous Fashionista/os are willing to step outside sporting something a little more edgy. You can dress it up for a night out, or wear it around town while running errands. Hats aren’t made just for the occasional bad hair day.

This Fashionisto is a prime example of being winter chic without looking like a marshmallow. His black coat is sleek and not too bulky, while the hot color of the pants adds a pop to the otherwise dark ensemble. But his hat is what steals the show— adding this exciting accessory really is what makes this outfit excel and makes it perfect for the city streets. The hat adds some grunge and gives the look a hipster finish. There are many different variations of the hat that you can use to pull together your outfit so you can make it unique to you. Whether you want something a little more subdued, a fedora or maybe be adventurous with a felt hat, you can make it your own.

How To: Just bought your very own hat and trying to figure out where to wear it? Pair your nicest coat and scarf with the hat for a more dressed up outdoor look. Even though I’m a huge fan of black, experiment with different colors to make a statement during the dullest days of winter.