Hats have been known as a defining part of outfits. It’s the most noticeable accessory someone can wear due to the face being the first body part an onlooker is drawn to. With that said, you can use that to your advantage by adding a hat to your look of the day!

This hat season tends to reflect the floppy and wide-brim look, which is what I caught this Fashionista pulling off fabulously. Her fedora adds a stylish twist to her outfit. Gray tones are huge this fall season as they exude a glossy, polished look on anyone. This Fashionista decided to don this hat with her white, thin sweater, which is easy to accessorize each time you wear it. Boyfriend jeans are incorporated to give the outfit a more relaxed look. She chooses to cuff the bottoms of the jeans to elevate her look. It also helps to show off her cute booties. The faux suede leather fringe details give the look a boho vibe. Overall, her outfit is well put together, and her hat is pivotal to grabbing attention from strangers as they pass by her on campus.

How To: Find the hat that will best complement your outfit! For example, if you’re going for a casual look, try shopping for a knit beanie. It helps to wear the outfit that you want to accessorize when you’re out shopping so you’ll know definitely if it’s a good match. The most important rule to hat shopping: always try on a hat before buying it to make sure that it fits right! If it’s not a perfect fit, try pinning it down to secure it in place.