ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hats Off to Spring

Spring is finally in the air, and with new seasons comes great accessories and endless adventure. Although statement necklaces and a great bag provide the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, hats come in all styles, are versatile and can change not only your own personal look but the overall outfit as well. Exploring the areas around San Diego, this Fashionista stood out in the lush forest of green trees and gray clouds above, perfect for a spur-of-the-moment photo shoot.

This Fashionista’s look screamed both feminine and bohemian with the pastel-printed blouse and a blush felt hat, bringing sunlight to a somewhat gloomy day. A comfortable yet eye-catching pair of booties and any favorite cropped ankle jean are two staples perfect year-round. Yet with spring in the air, the light brown of the booties allows for a wide range of looks to be created. The subtle shade of brown blends in perfectly with the newly blossoming flowers and green grass growing in spring.

What’s great about any true Fashionista/o is his or her ability to take old clothing and make it new again. In this case, the pastel, floral top forecasting colors of light gray, blue and pink was once a dress. With some improvising, a dress can be turned into a tunic, allowing for a transformed look. The tiny details of embroidery create different blocks of fabric to keep the look young and add to the feminine touch.

No look really is complete without a great accessory, and while most Fashionista/os wear an accessory each day out of habit, I like to think that a true accessory is one you wear intentionally on occasion. This felt hat worn by the Fashionista does just that. The blush pink color with black ribbon as lining for detail blends in perfectly with her dirty-blonde hair and the overall pastel theme. The felt hat not only brings a bohemian vibe to the look but also effectively acts as sun protection. Nothing can get much better than that, especially when wearing pastels!

How To: Intrigued by the subtle pastel colors in the blouse, or inspired to create your own look with a felt hat? All you have to do is find a similar hat with a great pair of jeans and finish off with a loose-fitting blouse and choice of shoes. In no time, the bohemian vibe will be a common look for this upcoming season.