ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hats Off to Fall

November 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Here in Southern California, we’re finally starting to get something that might qualify as fall weather. The air is brisk and there is generally a light breeze that makes the day seem chillier than it really is. Despite all of that, the sun is still out in full brightness, leaving us Fashionistas little choice but to adorn our heads with hats.

This Fashionista displays the perfect way to pull of the hatted look. She matches her black skirt to her hat, which really makes sure that the look is pulled together. In keeping with the fall spirit, she wears a red shirt that reflects the colors of fall. The look is softened with the addition of a lacy cardigan. The neutral off-white color adds some brightness to the outfit, which keeps it from having more of a winter feel.

She finishes the look off with simple, natural makeup. Her bright red lipstick not only adds a pop of color, it also complements her shirt, which rounds off the outfit. Finally, she completes the outfit with a simple pair of black sandals. The simplicity of the shoes is perfect, because it keeps the outfit classy and doesn’t distract from any of the other components.

How To: Perfecting the hat look is actually extremely simple. All you have to do is find a hat that fits your face shape and size (kind of like picking out sunglasses), and from there, you just pick clothes that complement the color of the hat. Hats are meant to be fun, so go out and try tons of different types and colors!