March 31st, 2016 at 2:00am

As the temperatures get warmer, hemlines get shorter and Fashionistas all over will begin looking for ways to dress up their spring ensembles. One of the best ways to top off an outfit is with the trend introduced in 2015, which has become so popular it has made its way into many 2016 spring collections: the floppy hat.

This Fashionista dressed up a simple black romper with statement jewelry and an oversized bag to complement her floppy hat. She finished the look off by adding a light cream cardigan and basic black flats to maintain the key focus on the all-important detail of the ensemble, her floppy hat, of course.

Floppy hats are a spring essential, not only for style, but for practicality, as well. While you are making a bold statement on campus, you are also shielding your eyes from the sun’s rays without having to risk embarrassing smudges in your foundation from wearing sunglasses.

Floppy hats are an instant attention getter. Whether you are rocking one on the beach during spring break or to grab coffee before class, all eyes will be on you. Because of their size, these hats are hard to miss. You can use them to effortlessly dress up a casual dress or romper and create a unique focal point in your look. Many floppy hats come with alluring accents such as buckles and bows, so it is easy to find a hat unique to your own personal style that really makes a statement.

These hats can also be used to add a pop of color to your outfit. The most popular colors seen on the street are black, tan and red, but you can find one in just about any color to complement your style. Try matching your floppy hat with statement jewelry or an oversized tote to create multiple focal points within your look.

Another great benefit of the floppy hat is that it pairs well with many different hairstyles. Whether you wear your hair down in loose curls or beachy waves or off to the side in a chunky fishtail or braid, a floppy hat will look gorgeous atop your locks.

How To: To imitate my Fashionista’s look, start first by finding the right floppy hat for you. You’ll want to decide on color, material and adornment.