This summer is the year to make a fashion statement with a hat! Several popular summer hats include fedoras, sun hats and bucket hats. These valuable accessories protect hair from the sun and various weather elements. When it comes to tailoring your own look, are so many different styles that a hat can work with.

I found this Fashionista walking the streets of Manhattan wearing a brown fedora and a pair of cute brown booties. She is also wearing a gray and black striped lounge hoodie dress with two handbags. This Fashionista kept it simple and classy for her day out in the city. She has a black cross-body bag and boxy taupe handbag. Her look really says it all with the help of her fedora. The classy and simple outfit looks great for a day in the city.

This Fashionista’s hat is not only stylish but the perfect accessory. A very special hat can have several practical functions especially for summer activities. Hats can keep hair out of your face and mask a bad hair day. In addition, hats can also protect your head from windy or humid weather. This Fashionista lucked out and did not need other accessories because her hat stole the show and really created the perfect ensemble.

How To: Add a trendy hat to a simple outfit with booties to create a chic summer outfit. It is best to make this accessory pop by making it the center of your look. Try to keep it simple with solid patterns and a similar color palette to make your hat the center of attention.