No one loves a good floppy hat more than the style queen herself, Rachel Zoe.  Who can blame her? The floppy hat is great for face framing because of its fluid brim and can be a savior on a not-so-good hair day. Additionally, the floppy hat is perfect for protecting your skin from harsh sun rays.

This Fashionista channeled her inner Zoe in a black felt floppy hat. The wide brim of her hat sits at a great angle that allows her face to not be overwhelmed by the oversized shape of the hat. Keeping the rest of her look casual, this Fashionista went with a printed dress in a bold red color. Her fringed black purse and tortoise shell watch complement the black accents found in her both her hat and dress. Wrapping up the whole look, our Fashionista went with gold sandals and a gold arm bangle for the perfect Sunday stroll ensemble.

One key trick to mastering the floppy hat is to make sure that it’s the perfect fit. You do not want it dropping so low that it is obstructing your vision. Take the time to find the hat that is functional for you while still letting your style shine through  the variety of color, shapes and sizes that these hats are available in. Plus, this isn’t an accessory restricted to just the summer months. This Fashionista could totally bring this in to fall with a few fall essentials like boots and a pretty, printed scarf. With this in mind, it’s really worth taking the time to find one that is just right.

A floppy hat is an accessory packed with a ton of benefits from showing off your flawless face to shading you from the heat. The next time you’re heading out the door don’t forget to grab your floppy hat and don’t be afraid to draw some hat inspiration from stylish celebrities.

How To: Ready to embrace the floppy hat trend? Pair your floppy hat with your favorite printed sundress for the perfect boho chic look.