ALL IN THE DETAILS: Half-Tucking Our Way Through Fall

December 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Wow, it’s November already? It really is incredible how fast the fall semester goes. The leaves are all starting to fall and the cool winter is starting to approach a little faster than we all would like. Luckily for us college students Thanksgiving break is just around the corner, which means some of the best food that we’ve eaten in four months is soon to be right in front of our faces as we gather around the table with all of our loved ones.

This Fashionista put together the perfect outfit for all of your Thanksgiving festivities. From the half tucked and undone cranberry button-up to the rips and frayed cuffs on her jeans, to the Fashionista’s lace-up flats; this outfit is so detail orientated but super trendy. This fall we have all seen these trends. One of my favorites is the half tucked button-up shirt. This look gives the perfect in between of chic but undone and laid back. By adding the black thick sweater, this Fashionista is staying warm but not taking away anything from the outfit, just adding a little more dimension. From there we get to her black ripped jeans with the frayed cuffs. I seriously love the frayed cuff trend this fall season, especially paired with your classic black jean. Last but not least, we get to the Fashionista’s lace-up flats. These flats are so unique and bring even more detail into the outfit.

So fellow Fashionistas/os, with Thanksgiving break just around the corner let’s not let our minds wander. Stay focused and stay passionate. We have made it this far, don’t back down now.


  • Marissa Dodd

    Lover of coffee, fashion, travel, and social media. Learning to find joy in the simpler things in life. Majoring in Digital Marketing and Promotions. Currently in Washington, D.C. @marissa__dodd