ALL IN THE DETAILS: Guys Like Pom Poms Too!

With cold fronts becoming more consistent as we get deeper into the cold winter season, bundling up in more layers has become a more prevalent sighting on college campuses. It can be unbearable for Fashionista/os to trek around campus with their heads exposed in harsh conditions such as the cold. However the pom beanie has made a comeback in main stream fashion, even coming so far as finding a bigger niche in men’s fashion. It has become increasingly common to see men wearing pom beanies, more specifically those which have sport team logos on the front or back of the hat. Not only is this a great thing for the sport team but it’s an even better incentive for the Fashionisto. Helping give Fashionistos who are interested in fashion more accessory options to choose from.

With a teal and gray knit beanie, the Fashionisto strategically matched it with a burgundy The North Face hoodie which had accents of the same teal color on the hoodie strings, inside lining of the hood and front and back logo of the sweater. He then finished his outfit with khaki pants and very popular style boots. Overall I loved the story of this Fashionisto’s outfit. He wasn’t trying hard but his since of style and color coordination helped turn his casual outfit into a fashion statement.

How To: If you have ever wanted to wear a pom beanie but never quite knew how to pair it with your outfit, find a hat that strikes your attention and pair it with a top which shares one or more of the same colors it as, and keep it simple like this Fashionisto. Simplicity is always a good option when you’re not quite sure what looks good when trying something new in your wardrobe.