ALL IN THE DETAILS: Style Guru's love their socks

For my final post of the semester with this awesome team, I felt it was only proper to use my fellow Style Guru on the Cornell University campus as my muse. Ironically, this Style Guru and myself met the first day of our Cornell experience and bonded. At the beginning of the semester I was ecstatic to find out that she had seen my posts from my first semester and decided to join the CollegeFashionista team. As a Style Guru, I knew her outfit would delight me, and I was not disappointed.

Full of detail and expert pattern matching, this Fashionista layered perfectly for the unusually warm winter weather that much of the country is facing. Her houndstooth jacket with pleather sleeve detailing contrasted her delicate laser-cut shirt underneath. Layering as a smart Style Guru does, she also wore a grey shawl underneath the coat, a perfect extra layer in case the library is cold, a running joke at Cornell because everyone is always in the library, so it is the equivalent of a sauna most days. Pairing that with a grey tartan legging, lace socks and a pair of black Dr. Martens, this Style Guru had the perfect outfit for finals week; one that is full of confidence but is comfortable for the long hours in the library.

My favorite detail of the entire outfit was the sock choice that she paired with her Dr. Martens. Often, winter calls for long slouchy socks that are more for comfort and warmth versus the style aspect. She shows us that there is hope for the under-dressed feet of the world. Lace socks are a great way to dress up any shoe, whether it be a Timberland boot, an Oxford wingtip or a chunky black heel. Winter is cold and it’s just plain stupid to risk hypothermia when you could throw on a cute sock and be on your merry way.

How To: Next time you reach into your drawer, take a second to think about how socks that show can affect your outfit. Whether it be a lace detailed sock, or a pair with an interesting print, every single detail of an outfit can elevate it to a totally new height.